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* History Will Judge the Complicit || by Anne Applebaum - The Atlantic             

Trump began the day with a call to Russian President Vladimir Putin || by Heather Cox Richardson from Letters from an American

A green, colored Mule, was wandering along,
humming the melody of a beautiful song.
As he wondered, mostly out loud,
should I join up with a crowd
of people or other just like me?
Not with people as I won't fit in.
It will be with Mules; they are my kin.
What about the green shade of your skin?
Color only matters to people, there in.

The best part of living this long,
are all the friends you made.
The worst part appears to be,
how many friends are no longer here.
Life can be fickle. Being strong to endure,
for all the factors attached are obscure.
I miss my friends; my memories do recall,
all the good things, Spring, Summer and Fall.
The best part of life have roared fast,
a blink of the eye, it's now past.
Put your trust in your Lord above,
remembering to cherish; remember to love.

I Will

Posted by MFish Posted on 05/05/2020 at 10:13PM Other See more by MFish

I will capture the Moon
and the Stars.
I will go where ever you are,
for you are my life,
no matter how far
your mind wanders from me.
Over tall mountains
across the vast sea
it only matters to me,
to be close to you.
It matters not, where you are,
I'll be here for you, tis my vow,
across all the deserts,
on hand and knee,
just to be closer.
Closer to thee.

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